Now widely available Doing the right thing A value based economy

Introducing the value based approach:
This book is dedicated to all those seeking another economics for another economy. It is meant to inspire those seeking a good life, a good society or a good organization.
The value based approach is an alternative for the instrumentalist approach that currently prevails. Whereas the latter approach is about the maximization of profit, income, and growth of GDP, the value based approach is about the striving for the highest qualities of life, work, products, organizations and societies.
The value based approach shifts the focus from quantities to qualities.
How to steer for qualities? Read the book.
The value based approach restores elements of the classical tradition in economics, to be found in the works of Aristotle, Thomas Aquino, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and, more recently, Deirdre McCloskey.

Professor Arjo Klamer PhD Chair, Economics of Art and Culture, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

He currently holds the chair of cultural economics at the Erasmus University. Before that he taught at several universities in the US. He conducts workshops on the value based approach all over the world. He is past President of the Association of cultural economists.

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  • This is the most disturbing book I ever read. Honors student at the Erasmus University
  • Klamer’s value based approach is, in another way of talking, a ‘humanomics’, an economics with humans and meanings left in. Deirdre McCloskey
  • Arjo Klamer’s ‘Doing the right thing’ is a manifesto for every cultural shareholder who knows that “in the end it is culture that matters. Slawek Magala
  • Arjo Klamer’s ‘Doing the Right Thing’ asks us to redirect political economy away from the economist’s instrumentalism and instead to incorporate a broader set of values in the discussion of the ‘good society’ Pete Boettke